Reptile and Snake Incubator

Keeping reptiles as pets have become a very common habit because people are realizing diverse ways to handle them. In order to have more of the reptiles that people need, innovators have come up with reptile and snake incubators. If you have a plan of breeding ball pythons, bearded dragons, leopard geckos or any other reptile, a reptile incubator is the best kit that you can possess. However, you need to know how to get the best reptile incubator to serve your needs in the best way possible.

Reptile and Snake Incubator

If you are would join the reptile forums, you would realize that there are people who keep on complaining after being frustrated by the type of incubators they buy. After looking for the reptile eggs, it would be so frustrating to find them dying due to improper humidity or heat. This article will help you to know the best kind of a reptile and snake incubator that you can choose.

Features of the Best Reptile Incubator

Temperature Control

This is the most important feature in an incubator. Maintaining steady temperatures is needed to avoid damaging the eggs. It requires the incubator to be accurate for the best results. An incubator that has temperatures that keep on fluctuating leads to less success in terms of egg hatching. This quality, however, does not involve all the incubators. Most of them are bad at constant temperature maintenance. It is recommended that you thoroughly research about the incubator and stop assuming that it will do the job. You should also speak to other reptile keepers for you to know the best incubator to use. 


The size of the kit that you purchase matters a lot. If your plan is to hatch eggs like those of leopard geckos that do not take a lot of space then you do not need a huge incubator for this purpose. However, breeding of huge reptiles like Burmese Python requires you to check the size of the incubator in order to get one that will accommodate the eggs. Huge incubators have the advantage of accommodating more eggs. However, more power will be required to provide the ideal temperature required to hatch the eggs when using a big incubator. Therefore, make your choice wisely before by considering the right size of the incubator that will serve you well.

Heating and Cooling System

For the traditional incubators, raising up the temperature to the required level is done through the use of an internal heating system. However, this kind of system has various disadvantages. One of the problems is that the temperatures might rise a few degrees above the optimum level. Before the heater stops to allow the temperatures to drop to the required level, the eggs will have been too warm hence the potential of being destroyed is very high. Such an incubator is also problematic in places where the temperatures are very high. The best incubator is the one with a heating and a cooling system. However, there are few of these type but they are good in ensuring that the temperatures are recovered to the optimum warmth.

Upright or Chest Design

Reptile incubator are just like freezers. They can either be classified as chest or upright designs. The upright one looks like a normal just that it smaller and has a glass door. The other design has a viewing top point which makes it look like a Tupperware. The choice of design that you make depends on you. Each of the design depends on the preferences of the buyer.


The nature of reptile eggs keeps on changing. The appearance of the leather skin making up these eggs is known to keep on changing in terms of appearance depending on time. Some of the eggs shrink on losing water while others grow when they absorb water. These drastic changes take place at one point in time while the egg grows. A growing egg can experience one or both of this phenomenon interchangeably. Also, some of the eggs may be affected by a fungal infection which may lead to the death of the reptile on the inside. Therefore, make sure that you can easily be able to see the eggs without opening up the incubator.


Incubators in the life of reptile owners are very important. They ensure that you are able to grow more reptiles each time hence increasing their number. However, you should always consider talking to other reptile owners before buying an incubator. Moreover consider the visibility, the design heating and cooling system, the size and the temperature control of the incubator that you want to buy before you can actually buy it. These factors will always determine your success rate.