Wheel for Sugar Glider

Sugar gliders are very active when in the natural habitat. If you have a sugar glider for a pet, you should make sure that you provide it with an artificial environment that resembles the natural environment as much as possible. This can only be done by introducing things like exercise wheels. To keep the animals occupied, feeling secure, comfy, free and healthy, providing exercise wheels is advised. To ensure that you find it easy to take care of your pet, we have provided all possible info that you may need regarding a best sugar glider wheel

Wheel for Sugar Glider

Limitless playing opportunities are provided by exercise wheels. This makes such types of wheels a big hit since they play a big role in ensuring the comfort and good health of your pet. The best exercise wheel for your sugar glider is a large wheel characterized by a solid surface. When such a wheel is used, the safety of the pet is assured since the tail as well as the legs do not get trapped as the pet plays. Centre axles on wheels are not the best for gliders. Wheels with such features are dangerous to the pet in that they can easily get the pet entangled especially when the glider’s body has a urine cover.

Once entangled, the wheel may end up injuring the pet’s back. Since it is hard to prevent the pet from rolling and covering itself with urine, it is advisable to avoid suck kind of item that can pose a threat to the pet’s survival. Ensure that the wheel you acquire for your pet has a surface that is abrasive and soft to facilitate running when the pet is playing. You can ensure the existence of such a surface on the pet’s regular running surface by installing sandy tracks. Such a surface ensures natural filing of the pet’s nails. When you realize that your pet’s nails are filed or when 2-3 days are over after you installed the sandy surface, install the regular tracks and keep on alternating these processes.

There are various characteristics that make a wheel the best for a sugar glider. A solid surface, the existence of holes and attractive design that lures the animal from far making the best exercise wheels for sugar glider. Some of the best exercise wheels for sugar gliders with perfect characteristics are the silent runners. These types of wheels have been known to be the most discreet wheels in the market that can easily be used glider’s exercises. Moreover, their safety to the pet is assured. All these characteristics revolve around the semi-enclosed design of these wheels. Also, the rear walls are said to be solid and suitable for many small animals like the sugar gliders. A lot of attraction and attention is provided by the entry holes that are strategically located on the wheels. Such holes make the animal feel free and secure. Moreover, the nifty consequence of such well-designed wheels keeps the animals busy hence contributing to their physical and mental wellbeing.

Other standard exercise wheels for a glider are the treadmill wheels. In their design, the wheels are metallic with their outer surface rolling on ball bearings hence reducing the noise by a very large magnitude. The good thing with these types of wheels is that they have a saucer shape that can prevent spinal injuries that may be caused by rounded wheels. Moreover, the metallic material ensures the durability of the wheel since it cannot be chewed. With its outer coating made of non-toxic material, such a wheel is perfectly safe for your pet to play with. You can also try wooden wheels that you can easily install a sandy surface. This reduces the hustle that you have to go through when clipping nails. Such wheels are safe to use on your pet.

Playing is the second major activity from searching for food. Sugar gliders are some of the most active animals known for their playful nature. You must ensure that they have a place where gliders can play regularly. However, the surface and the items they play with should be safe for use to avoid injuries. Some of the items that you can get for this purpose is the exercise wheels. Make sure that the wheels you get have a surface that gliders can easily walk on and that they cannot cause any form of injury or damage to the glider’s health